The Wonderfully Ruthless George (1999-2006)


“What was great was that now I could BE the clinical sociopath, play his glee at all the carnage, enjoy it, not just suggest it. And, by getting them to go along with my glee and laugh at it, driving home that this was something deep down in our psyche. That was confirmed by hearing this certain laughter of complicity from the audience, a knowing, accepting laughter.”

—George Carlin, Last Words (2009)

“There’s not an ounce of bitterness, or anger, or anything in it. What it is, is contempt, disappointment, distaste, disillusionment. That plays as anger, naturally, because we’re limited to these words that kind of define things rigidly. Anger is a convenient way to describe what people see. It’s very much like anger, and I guess by some definitions it is. But I don’t experience it as anger. I experience it as contempt, disillusionment…”

—George Carlin, interview from November 30, 1999