Indecent Exposure: Some of the Best of George Carlin (1978)

  • Compilation album, released December 1, 1978

  • Produced by Monte Kay and Jack Lewis in association with George Carlin

  • All material written by George Carlin. Published by: Dead Sea Music, Inc. BMI

  • Cover photography: Dorothy Tanous. Cover design: Bob Defrin.

  • Little David Records LD-1076 / Distributed by Atlantic


  1. Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television [6:55]

    • Recorded at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, in May, 1972

  2. Sex In Commercials [5:06]

    • Recorded at the Cellar Door, Washington, D.C., in June 1971

  3. Bodily Functions [5:39]

    • Recorded at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, in March, 1975

  4. Cute Little Farts [5:10]

    • Recorded at the Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, CA, in March, 1973

  5. The Confessional [4:58]

  6. Teenage Masturbation [4:49]

  7. Urinals Are 50 Percent Universal [2:22]

    • Recorded at The Palace Theatre, Oakland, CA, in July, 1974

  8. Filthy Words [11:32]


This was a compilation album released in 1978, with tracks from Carlin’s 1970s catalog with the Little David label. As I understand it, the more “blue” humor tracks of Carlin were specifically chosen. My uncle had this on vinyl. It was also released on cassette tape, but to the best of my knowledge was never released on CD. I remember a childhood friend of mine, Dana, who got me into George Carlin, tried to buy the tape back in the 80s, but his mother took one look at the title and cover and said no. Another friend of mine, Tony, who really was the “Class Clown” of my childhood, gave me his vinyl copy of this in 2016 when he moved.

The back of the album includes the following quotation, attributed to George Carlin: “Recognizing my responsibility to protect those who might be too young to hear this material, I recommend this album only to the extremely old.”

The tracks are taken from the albums FM & AM (1972) (track #1), Class Clown (1972) (#4), Occupation: Foole (1973) (#3,#7), Toledo Window Box (1974) (#6), and An Evening with Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo (1975) (#2,#5). There are notably no tracks from On The Road (1977).